Monday, June 7, 2010

Costume Designs For by Mirko Bottai

Mirko Bottai, who has participated in many important design projects around the world is a print designer for 'Emilio Pucci' and often travels to Milan and elsewhere to assist in important fashion events. He is the designer of the costumes for ''

How does he do it, I asked him. Of course the essence of the answer is in his imagination and talent, but from the outside the process looks like this:

He regularly attends the dancers’ rehearsals in the tiny and vibrant studio in the Borgo Stella across the Arno but a few minutes stroll from the Renaissance heavyweights of the centro storico, and home for many years to the Florence Dance Company. There he watches as the choreography comes to life, while listening to the recorded musicians and synchronizing with the laptop over in the corner as it moves through the colours, lines and shapes of Adi Da Samraj’s Orpheus Images that will be the 5 metre by 12 metre projected backdrops for over an hour and a half of delight. Book now! The mix of flowing music, fluid body movement and the moving genius of the computer art images one can surmise do a powerful cocktail-shake and stir in his creative cells and eventually emerge as another set of inspired designs.

So far he has been through Inferno and Purgatorio. Paradise is promised for next week !

Jokingly he remarks, maybe I need to visit all the churches in Florence (over 70 at last count) to pray for paradisiac inspiration ! Based on his impressive track record in the design world and now with the House of Emilio Pucci, he won’t need to!

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