Friday, July 9, 2010

Stardate Log: 080710 Firenzied countdown to launch

Keith Ferrone introduces Stefano Maurizi

Dr Beatrice Paolozzi Strozzi and Marga Nativo

Yesterday hosted a conferenza stampa - not a gathering of philatelists as the foolhardy minus their Frommers might surmise, but a press conference.

It was held at the top of the broad and well-trodden staircase that leads from the Bargello's courtyard to its higher galleries of goodies.

To get there, you had to pass through 9/11 homeland-type screening equipment, though the easeful friendliness of the Bargello's welcome cancels out any sense of being in imminent danger. Its OK now - the gallows are gone. And other terror does seem miles away, as you open up to its sunny blend of arches and statuary .

If you lean gingerly over the wide naked stone parapet, the courtyard below is swarming in its now reinvented erection-of-scaffold-prior-to-big-events mode.

At the front table of the Press Conference was Dr. Beatrice Strozzi, Director of the Bargello Museum, Marga Nativo, co-Director of the Florence Dance Company, and Naamleela Free Jones, pianist and daughter of Artist Adi Da Samraj. Discussions were led by Keith Ferrone, Marga's other half and co-Director of the Florence dance Company. Stefano Maurizi, the principle pianist for spoke briefly about the artistic importance of, spanning many different artistic realms, Art, literature, Music, and Dance.

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